Friday, October 9, 2009

Long Term Care Insurance Coverage Question Regarding Penn Treaty Liquidation

I am still learning much about the Internet. I recently created a LinkedIn group for long-term care insurance producers and others. There have already been some interesting discussions between the members and I'd encourage you to consider joining.

I'm not 100% sure how to join groups ... but I know you can do so by first getting linked to me (which I'm happy to do). Go to:
If there's a better way ... let me know.

Once on my LinkedIn page, you want to click on the the group Long-Term Care Insurance Producers. (Look on the lefthand side at the top). You do NOT want the one USA - AALTCI (someone smartly created that group ... not me ... and thus I can not monitor or make sure it serves what I believe is the intent).

Anyway ... there are currently about 101 participants ... and some good stuff.
Jesse Slome
American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance

Below is one of the questions and responses that I believe will be of interest.

Question from Kathleen Smith

After the latest news on Penn Treaty, I revisited the AALTCI 2009 Sourcebook article on State Guaranty Associations. I know that LTCi is protected up to $100,000. But, what does that mean to policy holders not on claim? If they have a 5 year/$250,000 policy benefit does their premium remain the same with it being paid to the State? If so, is their premium adjusted to reflect a $100,000 policy benefit rather than a $250,000 benefit pool compounding annually? ...

The response which I obtained from Sean McKenna at the National Association which comprises all the State Guaranty Associations.

The new NAIC Guaranty Association Model Act recommends $300,000 for LTC coverage. A number of states either have passed the new model limit or have it under consideration now. In answer to your second question, no, the premiums do not decline.
Sean McKenna
Director of Communications

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  1. Jesse, anything new on the Colorado decision about $100K or $300K from Guaranty Fund? I have a client who wants to know. Nancy Dykeman


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