Monday, April 6, 2009

Women And Long-Term Care Insurance

Some quick facts about women and long-term care.

All statistics show that women live longer than men. Women who reach age 65 have a life expectency of (another) 20 years versus 17 years for men.

Women over age 75 are far less likely to be married (than men) and are twice as likely to be living alone.

Women over age 65 include 980,000 nursing home residents; versus 337,000 men.

Women are also typically the caregivers. Women provide between 60% and 75% of family or informal care.

These facts come from the Association's 2009 Long-Term Care Insurance Sourcebook and they will be an important part of the upcoming guide the Association will publish specifically for women.

But, facts support the issue and I am hoping readers of this blog will share their insights with me as I prepare the booklet. What have you found resonates with women - both those who are living alone ... as well as those who are married? My intent is to address both of these audiences with messages they will relate to.

What should be included in this brochure?

Please share your thoughts by sending me an E-mail to Jesse Slome.

Thanks. I can't think of a more important topic.

Jesse Slome

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