Monday, March 2, 2009

2009 Long-Term Care Insurance Sales Achievement Awards Announced

Winners of the 2009 Long-Term Care Sales Achievement Award were announced today by the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, the industry's professional trade organization.

"There are some 40,000 insurance and financial professionals who market long-term care solutions nationally," states the Association's Jesse Slome, executive director. "Each year we recognize those deemed the best in the business." The Association awarded some 650 leading producers based on the sale of individual long-term care insurance. Award recipients are ranked nationally as well as recognized on a state-by-state basis.

For 2009, new categories include multi-life long-term care insurance as well as categories for asset-based life insurance and annuity products that include long-term care benefits. "The nation's top producers placed over $500,000 in individual long-term care insurance premium, a significant achievement," Slome explains. "Leading producers providing protection to employer groups and organizations each wrote LTC insurance for over 800 individuals during a single year."

The complete listing of award winners is published in the 2009 Long-Term Care Insurance Sourcebook, the annual compendium produced by the Association. For additional information, visit the Association's website or call (818) 597-3227.

2009's Top-10 Long-Term Care Insurance Producers (Based on individual placed premium in 2008)
#1 Gene Cutler
#2 Sean Deveau
#3 David Jeffrey
#4 Sally Calef
#5 Michael Lehrhaupt
#6 Christopher Aguiar
#7 Alan Stuart
#8 Meredith Pensack
#9 Stephanie St. James
#10 Carl Brockmeyer

2009's Top-10 MultiLife LTC Producers (Based on multilife long-term care insurance placed premium in 2008)
#1 Michael VanGavree
#2 Robert DeLorey
#3 Karen Mellon
#4 Ernest Strobel
#5 Derek Miele
#6 Michael Halligan
#7 Anthony Stratidis
#8 Rachel Faiga
#9 Barry Ellis
#10 Michael Russell

2009's Top-10 Life+LTC (Combo Product) Producers (Based on placed premium for life+ltc protection in 2008)
#1 George Leamon
#2 Wendy McLaughlin
#3 Loriann Artzberger
#4 Patricia Bennett
#5 Ronald Mendelzon
#6 Corwin Freeman, Jr.
#7 Robert Jennings
#8 Elaine Todd
#9 Paul Manginelli
#10 Ed Young

2009's Top-10 Annuity+LTC (Combo Product) Producers (Based on placed premium for annuity+ltc protection in 2008)
#1 Darlis Kirchhofer
#2 Edward Pacelli
#3 Dale Boliba
#4 Steve Jacob
#5 Brad Tisdale
#6 Daniel Heacock
#7 Glenn Nitti
#8 Chuck Bahr
#9 Luana Mobley Corral
#10 Elaine Todd

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