Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Most Misunderstood 2 Facts About LTC Insurance

I get many calls from consumers seeking information about long-term care insurance and the #1 question they typically ask is "what's the right age to look at this protection?" Here's what I tell them. There is no "best" age because the most misunderstood fact about LTC protection is the requirement that you health qualify before an insurance company will issue you protection.

So, if you are in great health ... then you can apply at any age. But, most of us are not in perfect health. And, once we reach our 50s, our doctors have typically prescribed a medication (or two or three). It's these changes in our health that could cause you to pay more for long-term care insurance. Or, worse, it could make it impossible for you to health quialify ... no matter how much you'd be willing to pay.

A couple of points. First (and I'll do more blogs on this in the future with some data ... for those who like facts) ... generally your 50s is the "Sweet Spot" for when you should really start to look at long-term care insurance. That's because your mid-50s is when you are still most likely to qualify for good health discounts ... and still not have those health conditions that would get you to disqualify.

Second, if you currently have some health conditions or even had some health conditions (we'll write more about instances where companies will re-look at applicants who have recovered from serious health issues) ... you should consult with a long-term care insurance professional.

Click on this link to go to the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance's website where you can submit some simple information and we'll connect you with a member who can asnwer your questions. Click on this link now:

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  1. Jesse, glad to see you are blogging on LTCi.... so much to write about. Keep up the great work!


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